FO: Stuffed Rabbit Doll

I made my son a little rabbit doll using some worsted cotton (I think it was peaches n cream, but it’s prewashed and recycled from two other projects that didn’t turn out how I wanted so the ball label is long gone). I used 3.25mm dpns (US 3). He’s stuffed with terry cloth rag strips. (Being rag-stuffed might make him tricky to launder, but I’ll worry about that if/when I have to–I can always cut him open and remove the stuffing if I have to.) I figured out how to knit him entirely in the round, starting with the raglan increases from the neck down, dividing for the legs and casting on a a few extra stitches, making the feet with German short rows, then knitting up and sewing/grafting on a little rectangular flap in the crotch. Then I picked up and knit the head, using short rows on the face. Lastly the ears were knit in the round and whip-stitched to the head, and I embroidered the little nose and eyes using some scraps, and sewed on a pompom for a tail.

He’s not perfect at all but I’m kind of oddly proud of him considering making stuffed animals was kind of new territory for me with a lot of experimentation. My son really likes him too.

I took inspiration from a couple free ravelry patterns, like this one:


That is darling! No wonder your son loves him.
Very cleverly done.


I really like him too! I love that you reused the yarn and experimented and made an absolutely wonderful bunny, truly unique and never to be exactly duplicated. I bet he gets lots of love. I’ll have to check out the pattern. Thanks for the link

Your bunny is just adorable! I am a fairly new knitter, can’t imagine making something this cute. Maybe some day. I love your quilt too! I do some quilting but haven’t done the big stitch quilting yet. It’s on my list - along with knitting better! Jan in MA

Thank you all for the kind words (and for properly posting that pattern link). :slight_smile:

Very cute. Thank you very much for your detailed description how you knitted the rabbit.

Such a nice and great job!!! Knitted toys are a challenge at the first time, yours is brilliant! :heartpulse::clap::clap:

I love him!