FO Stripey Hat!

Well, here it is, my very first FO. Well, techinically its my second. My first was that stripey willy warmer. But for those who might be frightened of such things :roflhard: I’m considering this my first “real” finished project.

I got the pattern from here. It was the VW hat, and I just made it stripey instead of one solid color. I kind of forgot to change colors at the top, so it’s got a big purple circle at the top. It was made of some stash acrylic, so it’ll be perfect for those cold winter days at the barn taking care of all the horses.


Just terrific and you did a great job on your hat! Oh my goodness, that looks like it would itch a lot… :slight_smile:

giggles its actually quite comfy! its not as itchy as you might think… unless you have no hair… then it might be a little itchy :stuck_out_tongue:

Love the hat!
Is there a pattern for the willy warmer it would make a great gag gift for a friend of mine!

There ya go! Its so quick and easy…

Thank you!

Hey, great job! I think the colors you chose are so pretty, and it really looks good on you :slight_smile: Nice fit, wonderful knitting!

Hehehe thanks! The pictures don’t really do the colors much justice… the bottom stripe is a really gorgeous teal…

Very cute hat! It looks really nice on you too!

Yes, that will keep the cold out. Nice hat!

It looks great! I like the colors.

Great hat! Fits you perfectly, and I love the colors!