FO Stinkerbelle Sweater

Finished! The only bad part of being done is the purchaser is going through some personal problems so I have to wait for the check to come before I can mail it off. I just want to get it out of my house. My hubby can’t see any more yarn around the house even if it’s a finished piece. I’m hiding as much as I can already and I need the extra room!!! :teehee:

Wow, I love those cables! Did you knit this for a friend or commissioned work?

Commissioned work. :woohoo:

very lovely especially for dog wear. That will be one classy dog!

:inlove: very pretty!!

Wow…it looks like a beautiful cabled cape!

Lovely, and what a nice warm puppy you have. Does she like the cables also?

My dog, Maddie, will not tolerate anything on her but her collar. Not even reindeer horns at Christmas :sad:

That’s really pretty :inlove:

It’s gorgeous!!!

That’s one posh doggie!! Love all the cables x


Great job!


The cables look great, and that dog is such a cutie!

That is just beautiful! The dog who is to get this must be fatter than the model, it looks like a stylish cape on it. The color is so rich and the cables are great.

LOVE it! especially on the model :thumbsup:

Wow, what a classy sighthound sweater! I’ll keep you in mind if i decide to commission one for one of my 5 Greyhounds!

LMAO! Oh, it’s absolutely beautiful, but, the pic just kills me! The pup looks so regal I almost expect to see a crown on its head and a throne in the background! :teehee:

I love the color, and the cable work is beautiful. :slight_smile: