FO - Steppe Sweater

The pattern is here in a PDF file and I got it from the Dulaan Project patterns. It has a disclaimer that it’s only to be used for charity, but I think it would be okay for personal use, too.

Anyway, it was easy and fun and NO seaming!! :cheering: The yarn is just stash yarn…I think it’s Lion Brand Jiffy. I wasn’t sure I was going to have enough to make the sleeves long, but I just made it. Next time I will make the collar a bit larger, too so it lays flat better. It’s the first time I made a neck like that. The pattern has it in one color which would be easier, but I wanted it a different color so I learned intarsia while I was it. :teehee:

That is darling!

I love the colors you selected!

:heart: :heart: :heart:

Adorable! I don’t even do baby clothes and I love your sweater :cheering:

I have no babies to knit for so I do them for charity. :teehee: I learn new techniques and they are generally easy, quick and fun!

Thanks ladies!