FO-Steeked Vest

This was knit with 10 balls of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes (never again!) in Amber Heather and Cloud. It took about 2 months, and there are a few details that could have been a bit neater, but not planning the thing at all before I started probably has something to do with that. I steeked the armholes and neck opening. I love steeks. I did an attached i-cord around the v-neck and armhole openings. I probably won’t do that again because it just wasn’t as neat as I’d hoped. But, all in all, I’m very happy with the results and it turned out like I wanted it to.

I still have some ends to weave in, but that can wait. Right now I need a strong cup of tea.

Spiffy work there Braden!

Thanks! I want to do something intricate next, like from Meg Swansen’s [I]Sweaters from Camp[/I]. The only book that I work patterns from, so that should say something. I’m going to ask them to knit the Gordian Knot sweater.

That looks great! why never again about the WOTA?

Thanks! It was not that soft, and it pilled a bit. Not noticeably so, but, then again, I almost never stand behind myself when I say I’ll never use a particular wool again. I’ll most likely break and use it again.

Terrific job, Braden!

Ooh, I love that! What is the pattern, please? Nice colors.

Looks great!

A tip on the attached i-cord. If you want it to curl less, do another one between the one you made and the sweater–another EZ trick.

It looks great. I agree that an applied I-cord edging is a difficult thing to do neatly.

Great job!!! :balloons:

Thanks, everybody!

It’s my own design.

It looks fabulous!

[SIZE=2]Amy made a sweater with WOTA and it pilled like crazy. I wouldn’t use it for clothing, but it’s great for felting. [/SIZE]

You did a great job! It looks terrific!

Fantastic job! :cheering: I enjoy seeing your knitting, thanks for sharing!

Nice job! Is it for you or are you giving it away?

It’s for me! I’ve turned, instead of doing 5 stitch steeks, securing with crochet, to doing 10 stitch steeks and not securing at all. I just cut, it folds over, and I whipstitch it in place. Very secure, and it doesn’t unravel, I then pick up stitches in half of one stitch and half of another and knit the sleeves.

My next project is going to be Meg Swansen’s “Gordian Knot Sweater” from [I]Sweaters from Camp, [/I]the only book I knit patterns from, so that should say something.