FO Stashbusting Amigurumi Lion

I crocheted an amigurumi style lion out of some scrap yarn this weekend and thought I’d post a picture

It is lovely! So cute :slight_smile: great job!



Cute! I like his tail. :cheering:

He’s cute! :teehee:


He’s very cute, love the colors.

:happydance:Great job!!!

That gave me warm jigglies all up and down. Fun!

Cutie… what are you going to do with him? :)Just curious (nosey)…

Well, he will be a gift to my SO. I think of my SO, even though it’s very very silly, as a teddybear in a lion costume. Some people think he’s almost scary, he’s very decisive and has a clear view of right and wrong, though deep down inside he’s just a cuddly teddybear :blush:

What a cute little feller!!

That’s so cute! I love his tail, too:thumbsup: