FO- Stash hats

Here’s what I’ve been working on the last little while. These are made with my stash of Plymouth Encore and will probably go to charity when I get enough hats.

Plymouth Encore
US 7 circular
No pattern I just make up my own. Details if you’re interested.


Those are wonderful hats, Jan. They’ll be so cheery and warm in the winter days to come.

They’re gorgeous hats :slight_smile:

Almost makes you glad winter’s on it’s way!:penguin:

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Ha! If only… I live in southern California. :wink:

Ha ha - maybe some lacey numbers in cotton, then? :sunglasses:

Maybe, but… I’m not much of a hat person. LOVE making them, but with my fine hair I look like I’ve stuck my finger in a light socket when a hat comes off…or it flattens it to my head. I don’t know how people actually wear them! I DID wear one when we went to Canada for vacation though!

Those are gorgeous, Jan. Well done. Do you sell the hats or donate them directly to the needy?


Mostly I just donate them. Recently I donated 2 dozen to a charity that is having an auction and a few years ago my husband took some to the local college for the kids in his class. Thanks, they are fun to make!

Adorable use of stash! So cute!!

Do you have a basic pattern for these? I want to do some for a local homeless charity.

My basic hat pattern is-

Worsted weight yarn
US 7 needle

Cast on 80 stitches (sometimes I’ll use 72)
Knit a brim about 2" (usually k2p2, but sometimes a hem or other)

Knit about 6-6.5 inches measure from bottom of hat

Decrease (for 80 I knit 8, k2tog, PM around hat)
Knit one row even
Decrease (Knit to two stitches before marker and k2tog around)
Knit one row even
Etc… till I have about 8 stitches total. Then cut yarn thread through stitches twice and weave in ends.

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Superb, thank you. I should be able to make those nice and quickly :slight_smile:

If you need/want help with a different brim just ask. They are fun because you can really do whatever you want, they are fast, great for learning new stitches or methods.

Thank you, I will do. Worsted weight is heavier than DK isn’t it - would I be able to double up the yarn, or just add more stitches?

Worsted is the next weight up from DK.

Sure, you can do either. The numbers may change a bit because the yarn weight is different. If you double it then you will need bigger needles and less stitches and less rows. If you use DK you’ll be using a smaller needle and may need a few more rows and stitches. Just see how it goes. There are no rules and there are many different sized heads so I really don’t worry much about size. I figure they will fit someone.

Also you could make some taller (more rows) or shorter. Some people like slouchy, some more a beanie. I usually just stick to the pattern I wrote, but don’t worry if it’s a big short or tall.