FO Stash-buster Bunnies

Here is a picture of the little bunnies that I have knitted for my grandchildren. Thanks, Aquaria ( for the inspiration. I love your little carrot, but I did not have any orange yarn in my stash. My tails are made from fun fur. I just knitted a little square, gathered it around the edges, and sewed it on – no need for any stuffing.

My tip: After blocking the knitted square, use safety pins to mark all the points (A, A’, B, B’, etc.). The safety pins will stay in while you gather and stuff the head.

I love these!!!

very cute!

So cute!!!

OMG- those are adorable and EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for- thanks so much for including the original thread/ inspiration! I can’t wait to try to make a few of these. yours are so cute!! MKZ

OMG :yay: those are so freakin’ CUTE!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: You are very creative. :cheering: I can see myself making those for Easter. TFS.

Those are so cute! Perfect for Easter!

they are supercute. I’m totally in love with them :teehee:

Thanks everybody. It is amazing to me that you can turn a flat square into a cute bunny! Just follow the directions.

So cute! I may just have to make one of these littly bunnies :slight_smile:

I made a couple of these last year to experiment with different yarns… they are SO CUTE!!!

My two little cousins are coming for Easter…looks like something else is going in their Easter baskets! Those are too cute!

So cute!!

I was thinking the exact words.

I want one~!! or 2 or three

How long did it take to make them???

Hello aineepooh1,


Knitting the 6-inch square is the easiest part. I used size 5 needles and sport weight yarn (all the colors were left over from a baby blanket that I made 4 years ago). Block the square so the edges don’t curl, and then mark all of the points as in the diagram on the directions. I used straight pins to mark the semi-circle for the head, and safety pins for the other points. Of course the first one takes the longest because you are figuring everything out. I can do one now in a couple of hours. The directions are really quite clear. I’m happy to answer any questions.


:muah: :cheering: What cute bunnies!!! I will have to make them for my nieces and nephews!! :teehee:

Adorable! Great Easter projects. Those are now on my to do list! :heart:

Those are so cute!

They are darling! :heart: Thanks for the tips.