FO: Standing in the shadow of love

And it is a pair of socks!
My mother told me it was to much work on a pair of socks, but I love the way they look!!
Pattern from the SixSoxKnitalong

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:roflhard: Loved the title of the thread…but I love the socks more! They are gorgeous :heart:

Eh… I have misspelled!! Correcting it now! :oops:

Those are the cooooolest!! :cheering: :cheering:

Those are awesome!

stunning and lovely!!!

SOOOOO cool!!! :cheering:

Oh wow-- :inlove: :inlove:

Those are just gorgeous!! What a wonderful job you did!! :thumbsup:

:happydance: Those are great!!! Love them :thumbsup:

Very pretty!! Superb job!!

Those are amazing!

Those are gorgeous!

Thank you!!
I have decided to keep this pair of socks on my own feet! Usually I give everything I knit away to friends and family.

oooh, very nice!

I didn’t know socks could be that beautiful!

Love :heart: those socks!!!
They are too cute, and the colors are great!

:inlove: gorgeous!!! congratulations!!! :heart:

WOW! :inlove: Those are terrific socks. Did you design those or is there a pattern?

There is a pattern in the SixSoxKAL. Info in my first post in this thread!