FO - Spring/Summer purse

So, I got the pattern from Easy Knitting magazine. The original pattern is white with pink and yellow flowers but I switched it up and made it black with pink and white flowers. I couldn’t make the flowers as described if my life depended on it so I made these. I think I need to buy smaller dowels tomorrow…I think the ones I used are too big.

Anyway, here it is…

How cute!

Smaller dowels seem a good idea, Those seem like they’d hurt your hands!

I LOVE the flowers! They came out beautifully!

that looks gorgeous! yes agree on smaller dowels :slight_smile:

I love the colors you chose and your flowers look great - wonderful job!

So pretty! Great job on the flowers, too!

How cute!!

very cute–I saw that pattern and liked it too!

:smiley: Very cute, love your color selection :wink:

Thanks everyone! I’ll be buying smaller dowels tonight. The ones I got were, indeed, too big.

How cute is this?!! :thumbsup:

I LOVE how the colors really “pop” on the black! Nicely done!

[color=indigo][/color]I :heart: [color=indigo][/color] it !!!

Thanks ya!! :smiley:

Lovely! Have you carried it yet?

How fun is that, almost kind of “retro”!

I am brand new to this board and am delighted to find this website. I have just started knitting some bags and started to gather many patterns. I found most of them online and just finished one using ModeaDea ticker tape which has a suede ribbon look. Added on round bamboo handles and lined it as well. My first bag project and it looks pretty good! I’d love to try your bag - where can I get the pattern. Yours really looks great.