FO:Spring little girl dress

Okay…I finally had time to sit down and finish this dress. I wish this forum had a app for android then It be easier to post.

Okay I modified this pattern from Knitting magazine. I just need a couple of buttons for the neck

Cute dress!

I don’t think there’s an app for iPhone either. Just the forum app, but you can’t post from it.

Yes there is a iphone app. I don’t know if it makes it easier to upload pictures??? Nevermind, I’m at home today and can use the computer.


The dress looks lovely! It’s beautiful colors and perfect for almost any season. Very nicely done.

That’s a very sweet dress and I’m sure it’s for a very sweet little girl. Well done. :thumbsup:

Thank you so much for your kind reply , I like the idea of having the notes from knitting it previously to use again, Brilliant !
and the little dress, awww. How lovely, is it a Christmas gift. Some lucky princess will be loving it. So special .

Yes, it is a xmas gift for a little princess. I gotta find something for
her brother. Here she is riding my horse

Very Precious ! She will Love it.

Warm wishes,

Ooooh my ooooh my! This dress is just too adorable for words! I love it! Great work!!!

so sweet!

Very nice!

P.S: love horses too esp. Arabians

It is really cute! The color is perfect

A beautiful little dress. Will look so sweet on that wee girl. I see she has green on when she is riding the horse too. Does she favor green? I love green but I’m afraid all my granddaughters like/ed pink or lavender best. :sad: