FO - split neck tunic and lattice cami


my first knitted wearables!
these are from the summer 2007 knit1 magazine.
i used South West Trading Company’s phoenix soysilk yarn for the tunic and Plymouth’s Royal Bamboo for the cami.

QUESTION: should i block them? and if so, how? i knit both pretty loosely.

the tunic

the cami

all folded up :slight_smile:

I love them both. I can’t believe they are your first knitted wearables! Super job.

NICE JOB! :yay:
I’m working on my first wearable. A red hoodie for my 8 yr. old grand son. So far, so good. I will post a pic when I am done.

Those are both so cute! Great job on them!

It’s my understanding that block makes pieces look nicer and much more finished, but I haven’t done it yet. Here’s a few articles to read.

They look wonderful!

You did a beautiful job. It doesn’t look like you need to block them the fit your perfectly.

So pretty! I love them both. Beautiful colors, too.


Wow ! they are lovely and fit you perfectly.

I do not think that they need blocking.

Great work!

Rita :slight_smile:

They’re both beautiful. I especially love the yellow, it reminds me of crochet. Yes, you should block them. Just pin them into the shape and size you want on carpet or a styrofoam board or something and spray wet until thoroughly wet and leave to dry. Actually, I sometimes spray first because it’s hard to get the bottom wet when it’s already pinned down.

thanks so much for the blocking advice and lovely comments :smiley:
i will try to block them. fingers crossed.

took me two whole months to knit 'em up and scour the internet to figure out what the heck i was supposed to be doing. hoorah for knitting and (almost) finished objects!

You did a great job. Nice projects. Blocking can make things look more “finished”, but it is not always necessary, especially with some yarns. I don’t have any experience with either of the yarns you used.

You’ve done some nice work there!!! :thumbsup: I’m totally drooling over the cami. :drool:

Both of your finished pieces look excellent. I really like the way the yarn you chose for the tunic. Good luck with the blocking. -Ve