FO: Spicy Salsa Vest

Holey Schamoley! Finally done! This is a malabrigo merino vest. The color is called Snowbird. I think it’s a typo! It should be named Songbird. Anyway, the colors remind me of a Conure!

The vest used 630 yards, so I am left with one additional skein. Might knit up a dropped stitch scarf with it.

Might need to take another photo, in daylight. The red pools are sorta muddled together in the camera’s eye. They don’t lreally ook like this. I took the photo before laying the blocking cloths under and over all the bands…so now she has to block/dry for a couple days.

Rav notes

:thumbsup: Wow! That is spicy! It’s beautiful and will be great this winter when everything is gray and dull–you won’t be! Enjoy wearing it, you’ll look terrific.

Love it! I even like the part you say is muddled!

The yarn and color patterning could not have worked out better. I love the way the pattern changes after the armholes and the switch to knitting fronts and back separately. Perfect join at the front, too. This is going to be lots of fun to wear!

It looks spectacular all finished. What a great autumn vest and you can’t help but smile when you have it on.

omigosh that’s amazing! What warm and beautiful colours for winter - looks like a fireside :slight_smile: I can’t imagine how you worked out the colours to mirror like that on the lower fronts…SO gorgeous. Congratulations on a beautiful piece.