FO: Special needs gloves

Ends need to be woven in yet. These are specially made for my daughter’s disabled father-in-law. He needs a mitten to go over his bad hand and a glove for his good one. Matching ones are a plus. So these will go out to him in the mail soon.

What a sweet thing to do for him! :thumbsup:

Very nice indeed! :thumbsup:

How very thoughty of you (as one of the characters in the cartoon [I]Robin Hood[/I] says). And what a great idea! While finding a matching glove and mitten might be possible, I bet it’s not as easy as one might think. Your tailor-made pair are absolutely perfect for this gentleman!

Plus, I love simple gloves and mittens. Whether made for men or women, they always look so neat and elegant to me. And yours are certainly both!

They look really nice. I know he will really appreciate it come cold weather time.

Very nice gloves, I’m sure they will be appreciated. :thumbsup:

Very nice gloves. I’m sure they will be appreciated! :thumbsup:

Those are beautiful and a very kind gift. I can imagine how difficult it is to find coordinating gloves and mittens in anything but black. You’ve picked a lovely, cheery color for the coming cold. Well done!

This was Lion brand Wool Ease. Very warm, and hopefully easy care. I’ve read that some knitters have used this as a cheaper alternative to superwash wools.

Very nice custom-made gloves! I know they will be appreciated this winter!