FO: Space Girl Hair Wig & 2 pairs of Moccasin Slippers


My “Space Girl” hair wig was knit up kind of quickly despite my inability to comprehend in the wee hours of the night; its a pretty easy pattern from Knitty. The decreasing had me a bit stumped and I did some rambling about that on Ravelry. Why the space girl outfit in April? It’s an old Halloween costume I made a few years back and it’s absolutely perfect for my volunteer efforts for the yearly Martian Marathon. Plus I like to dress up! The yarn is Paton’s Brilliant in “Twinkle White” .


The Moccasin slippers did indeed seem to work better being knitted up on straight needles rather than circulars, but much harder on the hands. The circs seemed to want to suck the stitches away from the left needle on the toe shaping. An easy pattern to work, but I think there could be some tweaking at the heel. There’s more blabbering about the slippers on my Ravelry page.

LOL! The wig is too cool! Love it and the moccasins really turned out nice! Great Job!!!

:yay: love the wig!! The moccasins are very cute :thumbsup:

I love that wig!!! I’ve never seen a knitted wig before! GREAT job on everything!

LOL - love the wig and moccasins!

the wig is just too funny!! i adore the moccassins!!! especially the red and yellow ones.

Love the wig , What a fun project . The mocs are very nice too:)

Just when ya think you’ve seen it all…

Great job! :thumbsup:

LOL, that is great!! I love it :teehee: