FO: South Bay Shawlette

Did this one in the new Malabrigo sock color Rayon Vert - LOVE the way it turned out. Plus I used a border that another rav user posted and was able to block out some fun points :inlove:

Looks amazing! I LOVE the color too! :cheering:

That is beautiful Evan! LOVE the color as well!

OMG! This is heavenly!
And your photographic artistry is really genius!

Wow… just gorgeous Evan!!! Love it!

That is beautiful! I can’t wait till I’m able to start knitting things like that. Love Love the color!


I wasn’t sure if crochet had to go under the crochet section :o)


Really beautiful,and it is purple and green, right?

I have a pattern called “Thistle” that I’ve been wanting to make, but haven’t found the right yarn. Maybe this is it, thanks Evan.

That’s beautiful!

It’s really hard to tell the colors by the pictures, but the yarn has browns and greens and pinks in it.

It’s called Rayon Vert - here’s a link to the Mal website with the color cards.