FO: Sorta Booga Bag

:happydance: It looks wonderful!! I love that you lined the inside and added pockets!!

your:heart: pup is a beauty :blooby:

They are so easy to use. I bought 10 of them at Wal-Mart for 3.96.

your:heart: pup is a beauty
Thank you, he is one of three boxers and thinks he is a lap dog!!
For the lining: someone gave me a link in another thread to a wonderful site that explained step by step and even had a chart for working out the measurements.

I like how your shortened the handles, I made mine a little long. I love the colorway you chose and how you lined the inside! Good job! I :heart: it!

Can you post that link for the lining?

that came out great! especially all of the finishing

Thanks to Mystery_Gyrl

That looks great!! and beautifully done lining and grommets too :slight_smile:

Great bag! :happydance: I was wondering how you sewed the lining in? I made a bag and did your basic hem stitch and it quickly ripped out. I re-sewed it using smaller stitches. Now I just finished another bag and was wondering if this is the best method. I have also seen people put in buttonhole and buttons. Any thoughts?

I did a very very tiny whip stitch. I don’t know how to sew a button holes, and not sure how to do them on a felted bag. This is the second bag I have made

Looks very useful!

Would you post the link for the lining? I made a lining for my felted bag, but made it from scratch…I’d love to see how to do it in a more efficient way.

I love this so much! :inlove: I want one bad. I love the lining and the handles. They’re amazing.

That’s beautiful! I love the way the lining turned out!