FO: Sorta Booga Bag

Its the Booga Bag pattern, but I didn’t like the handles done the way the pattern said.

oooOOOOoooooOOOOooo very nice :cheering:

Love the lining with all those pockets! Looks very professional!

Thank You, I just learned to sew pockets.

It looks like you did a good job! That’ll make a nice purse.

Looks great :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s fabulous! :thumbsup: I want one just like it. What adjustments to the pattern did you make?

I did the pattern exactly as the instructions said, then didn’t fold the sides in for the box shape. Also added the grommets.

I have just felted my Booga Bag and am waiting for it to dry. How did you do the handles? Did you cut the I-cord in half? I would appreciate your comments x

oooOOOoooOOOoooOOOoooOOOooo! preeeeeetty! me like!

Yes, I just cut it in half.

Love it. What a great job you did with the lining.

wow, what a beautiful bag. nice work.

First off, what a great colorway for a bag.Secondly, love the idea of gromets for the handles, sure to make the bag last longer. Third, you did a great job on the lining, as someone said above, very professional.

I’m :mrgreen: with envy.

Beautiful! Love the colorway and your version of the handles!

I love the colors and the style. I enjoy making felted bags and lining them, you did an awesome job.

Great bag!

Wow, gorgeous bag! Fantastic lining – I love the pockets!

That looks terrific. You did a fabulous job on it!

Beautiful–I like the idea of the gromets also–are they difficult, I’ve never used them.