FO-- Sophie Bag

First finished purse, I’m so proud!!

Wow! That is beautiful! You did a very nice job and I [I]love [/I]the colors… You should be very proud! :notworthy:

great job!

Thank you the lining was a pain, but worth it

It looks great!

it is so pretty. i love the colors!!

So cute! I love the colors.

That turned out wonderful…love the bright colors! :heart:

It looks great.

Make me one!!!:teehee:

OH! I LOVE IT !!!:inlove: .

Congrats on a great job! Those colours are really pretty!

Very nice. I love the way you twisted the handle.

Gorgeous! I love the colors, and the handle is great!

What a pretty bag!!! :inlove:

Beautiful–love the colors!


Love the twist on the handles! great job on your first purse! they do get addictive:yay:

Love that blue with the other colors really pops… did you do the stripes or was it the yarn? What yarn did you use?

I want one!! Great job, it looks wonderful!

The bag really is nice, Maniago… how DID you do the handle, before or after felting? Mary