FO son's sweater UPDATED

I finally finished this sweater for my son Matt :cheering: Ran out of yarn so had to wait to get some more before I could finish it. :wall: It’s made out of Caron Simply soft double strands.I think the sleeves are to long :!!!:

I may be wrong, but don’t Boys Grow out of everything?
i have girls and they grow differently
i hear Boys grow out of their sleeves and cuffs faster than any other part of their clothes


SHARP! I’ll bet he looks handsome in that!! Good boy sweaters are hard to find, and that looks like a winner to me!

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Looks amazing to me!

I love the pattern! He can just cuff the sleeves if they’re a bit long. It looks nice!

seriously handsome- what a great sweater. and I agree he can just turn back the cuffs if they are a little too long, until he grows. I’ll have to seriously think about that pattern for the hubby… thanks for sharing the pictures! MKZ

I love it! The pattern is awesome!

It looks very comfy too :slight_smile:

:roflhard: I failed to mention my son is 23 years old.Don’t think he will grow into it.Thanks for all the compliments :muah:

It’s beautiful! Maybe he can roll up the cuffs…if that’s not too girly. :teehee:

Great job! I love it!

Bummer, I was hoping he was a young boy as I want a nice pattern for my 7 year old grandson for Christmas and this looks just the ticket! You did a superb job!

What a beautiful sweater. Not often to we get to see guy stuff and yours is great! :cheering:

That’s a great sweater! and better that he pushes the sleeves up a bit and wears it for longer than that they be too short. Good job. :cheering:

Very nice. I do love it.

Thanks everybody I really appreciate it :hug: I brought it to him yesterday ,but of course he wasn’t home :tap: So I left it at his brothers house for him to pick up.Will get pics of him in it when I can

Here is the sweater on Matt
I think the slevves ARE to long :roflhard:
He loves it any :cheering: way


Good Job! Julie(Momwolf) :cheering:

great sweater, it looks good on him. Some people like long sleeves to be too long.