FO: Something Really Red!

The Pattern: “Something Red” by Wendy Bernard
The Yarn: Diana Collection by Yarns Northwest; color 04

This is the third time I’ve made this sweater! I guess you could say I love this pattern. I modified the sleeves, however. Rather than the elbow length sleeve, I made long sleeves. I want this sweater to be a winter sweater. It’s cold in the Pacific Northwest now! I love this RED sweater better than the two previous! It’s a blue red, which the photo doesn’t show. (Red can be finicky in photos!)

PS: absolutely no seaming whatsoever…the pattern is [B][I]error-free[/I][/B]…and a very easy top-down design! I highly recommend this pattern! If you are a Raveler, this sweater is in 271 other knitter’s notebooks! You should see the beautiful work by these other knitters! And lots of modifications, too! :thumbsup:

This is the model sweater, which you may prefer for you!

It’s beautiful!! You do such a good job.

Wow!! I’ll bet you receive a ton of compliments every time you walk out of the house in one of your knitted items!

Beautiful!!! :inlove:

I’m making a “ChicKami” (to wear with it) with the leftover yarn.

There is a really cool pattern I found on Ravelry…but the downloadable PDF is available at Chic Knits.

I have 9 skeins (left over from the cardigan) which is more than enough for the ChicKami. I’m making the wide straps version…and also inserting a triangles motif in the middle of the bustline. It’s a modification that I saw by Theresa on Ravelry!

Here is a photo of Theresa’s modification. I sent away for the book just to get this “triangles” lace pattern!

That is a great sweater and I love the color! I bet you look really great in red. That cami pattern looks like a nice one. I really like that modification.

As usual, your knitting is amazing! :notworthy:

That is gorgeous! As always your knitting is lovely…

Oh that is really gorgeous! :inlove:

That’s a lovely sweater, maybe I should make that…in purple.

You do lovely work.

Gorgeous sweater! Loving the red :inlove:

I love it:inlove: The red is simply beautiful and it will suit your skin shade (that’s the right word) perfectly. I have the Knitting Stitch Bible, it’s nice and simple and all of the stitch patterns are charted and not written. I’m using lace patterns from there to design my Pi Shawl. It also has nice bobble and cable stitches.
I envy (in a good way:teehee: ) you for being able to wear knitted cami - i’m always getting itchy, no matter how soft the yarn is. Maybe I should try Malabrigo…

That is very nice. I like your long sleeved version much better, don’t know that I would have given the short sleeved pattern a second glance. But the long sleeves are lovely.

A superb sweater, ArtLady.

Wow, I am in awe! The red sweater is gorgeous!! I might have to try that one. Thanks for sharing!



Beautiful – absolutely flawless! I love this sweater in red. I made it in dark red cashmerino and wear it a lot. Yours will look great with the cami. Love the lace modification, which reminds me of the Monkey sock pattern.

Hey Slim!

Yes, I saw you over at the Rav Ranch, wearing your red Something Red! You look so adorable! I like the elbow length sleeves on you! I also saw the cropped version (Something Sage) for your DIL!

Your notebook is fabulous! All of your knitting is wonderful, and very diverse I might add! Inspiring! I had already “faved” your sweaters, but I hadn’t added you to MY FRIENDS. But I did today!

This SOMETHING REALLY RED is my all time favorite color of red!



OH my ! How Beautiful ! Lovely work :slight_smile:

Gorgeous!! It’s going to make a really nice set! You truely inspire me!

:yay: Very pretty!!

The tank is going to be lovely too :happydance:

OMGoodness!!! INCREDIBLE!!! Both the sweather and cami (with lace inset) … wow …