FO - Something purple - FINISHED

I found this picture and I fall In love with this vest!

Now I try to make one like this, but I don’t have a pattern.

Before I sew:

Finished: :cheering:

It is a beautiful sweater . You are doing really well on your version so far considering you do not have a pattern :slight_smile:

Great work, Valentina! You are a wonderful knitter! I’ve never been able to look at a sweater and ‘devise’ a pattern for it, so I admire you for that ability! We’re all looking forward to more photos of your creation!!

Wow, I am so impressed! I can’t imagine looking at something and being able to just figure the pattern out in my head like that LOL

wow, it looks great and I can’t beleive you are making itup yourself to match the one you liked. It’s really gonna be adorable.

Looks like you’re definitely on the right track! Amazing! I don’t think I could create the pattern simply from looking at the finished product. Great job!

That’s superbbbbbbbbb n amazing …i never thought that i cud hve done something like this…kip it up …am dying to c when its completed …thnks

You have an excellent eye for duplicating patterns; that’s quite a gift; and your color choice is very nice.

Is there a possibility that the original is machine made? Traveling, I’ve seen some very detailed knitted items that I thought were handmade, but were not.

Wow - What an awesome talent you have to be able to just look at something like that and re-create it! It looks like it is going to be just beautiful!

Thank you for yours nice words!

I often work without pattern, so it is much easier to me this way.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Amazing sweater… love your purple…:slight_smile: Can’t wait to see it completed!
TEMA:knitting: [/COLOR]

Great sweater, I can’t wait to see yours finished, it’s looking wonderful :yay:

Tema, Dustinac, thank you!

I allmost finished it.

Finished: :cheering:


That’s really pretty! I love how your cables kind of look argyle-ish. And the girly little pink flowers!

Wow! It turned out just beautiful. I especially like the way it buttons.

Very nice job! The flowers are very pretty and the button action unique!

Wow! It’s really beautiful!!! Fabulous job!

GREAT job, I am so impressed. It is lovely.

Very cute top!