FO-something for me

So I finally have a FO for me for once that is a wearable. To be honest other than hats and maybe a poncho or two I have never made myself a wearable. Partially because I am a big girl and I have knitting ADD and get bored of the same thing over and over. So I was gifted a bunch of yarn from my co-worker and some of it was 100% cotton in a sport weight. I made myself a tank top this one to be exact–> you need to be a member to see the pattern but it is free to sign up. It was an easy pattern and something to do on almost every row so it held my interest. Here are a few pics of the tank top. One is the top sitting on my couch, tried to get a close up of the pattern on the bottom of the tank and then one of me wearing it. I hate pics of myself I never take good ones.

It looks great! Wonderful job. :thumbsup:

It’s beautiful! I like the color. :thumbsup:

Nice stitch pattern. I’m with you; I get bored with larger projects. That’s why it’s taking me 5 plus months to finish a top-down sweater in the round.

It looks great, nice job!

It’s beautiful! Congrats on doing something for yourself! :slight_smile:

:happydance: It looks great!

It’s beautiful!

It looks so beautiful on you!! great job!!

Very pretty! I like that pattern, and you did a wonderful job with it. I’m glad you made something for yourself!

Terrific job!!

I can’t wait until I have a “wearable” for me other than a hat or gloves!! =)

It looks great! It’s simple, but looks wonderful. Great job knitting!

Very pretty!

Lovely stitch and yarn color. That will be nice when summer comes to the Northland.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Beautiful! Lovely colour and great pattern.
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
:knitting: [/COLOR]

I hope to do as good a job as you once I make my own shirt like that. Good job!:guyknitting:

I love it - great job!

You look just great Momma! Really a nice color on you, and a great fit! Very flattering! You did a wonderful job!
Thanks for modeling and sharing the extra photos with us!