FO: "Something Cocoa" Top-Down Raglan Cardigan


Finished my first ever ‘top-down’ raglan cardigan. The original pattern is called “Something Red”. I found it in the Ravelry database, however, it is available off Ravelry for a PDF download fee of $5.50. Well worth the few bucks I paid! I’m making another one next week!

I made the long sleeves, with cuffs that mimic the skirt. The 2x2 ribbing is increased to K2P3 rib…then K2P4 rib to finish.

This is me, with my head cut off cuz my hair was a train wreck!

This is the model sweater.

This is my yarn!

OMG I love that! It’s gorgeous, Dollyce! I am so jealous that you are such a fearless knitter! :thumbsup:

That turned out very nice! The top down cardigans are so nice! You did a great job and love the colors. Mary

Love it! :inlove:
It looks alot like Mr Greenjeans (a knitty pattern)

There you go again, knitting up garments that could have been manufactured in Paris and putting us all to shame (LOL). I guess you know that means I think this is just as good, if not better, than the other things I have seen you display. Seriously, this is one really nice piece! Again your work is exemplary! Good job!

That is just gorgeous!

Really nice work! I love it!

This is beautiful ArtLady! And again you are designing away. That yarn is wonderful if it produced all those stripes with no effort. Your button is so nice too.

Beautiful! I love Wendy’s designs. I probably have close to ten bookmarked to knit up one day. Great job. :thumbsup:

My goodness, that’s gorgeous! Great pattern, and I LOVE the yarn :smiley: Nice work, as usual! :muah:

Wow, i’m impressed, love the color style. i’m going to start some easy summer sweaters but this will inspire me!

As always, I love it.


LOVE this!! that is gorgeous!!


Looks great! I love the buttons.

love it!! how much of that yarn dis it take…I have a few skeins of it :yay: :yay:

Wow it is beautiful! What a nice, flattering sweater! And I love the buttons!


It’s so pretty!:yay:

Wowee!! Absolutely stunning! Love the design and yarn you used. The striping is gorgeous!

Wow, it’s beautiful (as always)!! This is my next project, but I’ve been dithering over what yarn to use. I’ve been thinking red, like the model, but I love the colorway you chose. Now that I’ve seen yours I’m ready to go shopping and get started. Thanks for posting!