FO - Some Scarves

My DD spied this yarn in the LYS several months ago so I bought it Superbowl Sale Sunday. After trying stitch patterns, this one worked best with this yarn. It’s the My So Called Scarf pattern:

close up:

This one is a simple 2x2 rib with the Univeral Yarns Tapestry:

Close up:

This one is done with Wisdom Poems yarn. The pattern is here.

Now I only have a star stitch scarf OTN, so don’t know what I’m going to do with myself.

They all look so beautiful! That yarn in the first one looks so cuddly, I just want to scrunch it up :inlove:

They are beautiful!

Sent you a pm.

Beautiful! I especially looooove the colors of the last one.

Beautiful work! The colors are fantastic. :yay:

Ooo, they are all lovely! What is the brand of yarn in the first scarf?

I love them all, good work.

It’s Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande. One of my favorite fibers!!

Thanks everyone!

They are all lovely! I really like the My so called scarf pattern and you picked the perfect yarn for it. Your DD has a good eye, you’ve trained her well :happydance:

They really are pretty,Wanda. Nice work!

Lovely scarves!! :inlove:

Lovely scarves, all of them! I especially like the lace one. Thanks for the link.

:inlove: Very pretty!!

They all look great. Wonderful yarn choices.

You have been busy! They are all lovely :slight_smile:

Nice scarves!! I like the way the yarn patterned on the second one. It looks very artsy. Lovely lace on the last one.

All the scarves are very beautiful!!:cheering::heart:

Gr888888 jobs, wel done …kip it up

So Pretty!!!