FO, Soleil!

I’m only a year late for the KAL, but I’ve finally finished Soleil! It’s the most challenging thing I’ve done so far and I am so tickled to have followed the directions and actually gotten something that looks like the original and fits. It’s knit in Elann’s Sonata, color deep olive. It’s the first time I’ve used the Sonata and although it’s a teensy bit splitty, I really like the feel and drape of the fabric. I’ll be using more of it for sure.

Here is is pre-blocking:

during blocking,

and “in use” :cheering:

It’s beautiful!!! Mine turned out too small or something. You could see my bra through the armholes. So I started knitting sleeve, but was so discouraged that I set it aside after completing the first sleeve. Someday I’ll get back to it.

I love how you did the neckline on yours - did you just double- or triple-crochet at the point? Great job!!

It’s gorgeous! You look great in it :thumbsup:

Very, very pretty! It looks gorgeous on you!

Very pretty and a perfect fit! Great job!!! :smiley:

Thanks everyone! :blush: I have a hard time knitting things to fit since I’m always gaining or losing weight, but I think this will do for now (the losing is going kind of slowly…)

Knitaddict, regarding the neckline. I didn’t try to raise the “V” even though there are instructions to do so, I was afraid to get that far and then mess it up. And, the V was of course a bit on the low side. I did one row of single crochet completely around, starting at the center back, doing a decrease at the point of the V. After starting around a second time, at about 8 stitches from the point of the V I started pulling an extra loop through and then skipping 1 stitch. At 8 stitches past the V I turned the whole sheebang around and went back the other way, continuing to do the extra loop/skip thing to the same distance past the point of the V. Then turned the whole thing back around again. This time I pulled 3 extra loops through and skipped 2 stitches until I got to the point where I had turned the first time, then went on to finish the second single crochet row. Gives it a bit of a decorative look, although I can barely crochet well enough to do the single crochet and have no idea what the proper names are for the stitches I used. :doh:

It was fun, though!

That sweater came out beautiful!! :inlove: :inlove:

Nice job! :smiley: That is such a pretty pattern - I need to knit that next summer.

Wow, that is beautiful and it looks gorgeous on you!

Geez, that makes me wisht he pattern came in my size…

I love it and it looks great on you!!!

I’m so jealous! That tank has been on my “waiting list” for a while now. You did a great job with it, I like how you added your own finishing touches to it. :smiley:

:cheering: :cheering: Beautiful! Great job!

Great fit! You look gorgeous…I especially like the turquoise color necklace with the brown Soleil.

Gorgeous!!! Looks great on you :thumbsup:

:inlove: Beautiful! You look so great in that!! And the decorative touch on the neckline is so classy! :thumbsup:

Great Job! :thumbsup: It looks incredible on you! I love the color! :inlove: