FO - Soft Pink Ankle Socks

I finished these socks today - I gave them to my niece. I used size 4 dpns and Patons Canadiana “Soft Pink” yarn. I’m really pleased with the way they turned out, and my niece loves them :happydance:

Here are the finished socks.

My niece modeling them.

Happy feet :smiley:

I LOVE the look of those socks and the little flower trim - WELL DONE!

Thanks…I coveted them. I didn’t want to give them up! But, when my niece saw them…she owned them! LOL :roflhard:

Very pretty!!! I don’t dare show my daughter or I’ll be making a pair. Although that wouldn’t be a bad thing…

Soo pretty!! :thumbsup:

Hooray for Super Auntie! Those are really extra-supe-cute!

:smiley: Your socks are so cute!! I love pink :wink: You are a great aunt, parting with such yummy socks :thumbsup:

Adorable. :heart: You did a great job!

Adorable! It’s hard to tell from the pic - how did you do the embellishment? It’s a perfect addition with that soft pink yarn.


Those are so pretty! Putting the little flower is a nice touch!

Gorgeous! They look like super snuggly socks - that’s a lucky l’il lady wearing them! :happydance: Wanna make me some? :wink:

They look great and the little roses are cute!

Those are too cute!

I also want to know how the flower embellishment was done. :slight_smile: It looks like an applique maybe? How did you put it on though?