I finished my first socks earlier this month!! Took a class at my LYS. I made some practice slipper socks last winter but couldn’t find the time to do “real” ones. This class came up and 3 others from my S&B group decided to take it as well. We had a ball!! Even though I really didn’t “need” to take the class, I did it for 3 reasons:

  1. I figured I could always learn something - tricks and tips
  2. I knew I’d have fun
  3. Most importantly, it would force me to make the time to knit myself some socks!!

Here’s my first pair of really socks! Made with Berroco Metallic yarn - size 1’s:

I CO on another pair for my DD yesterday using Crystal Palace Mini Mochi. :woot:

Look at that gusset! You did wonderful! I will actually knit myself some socks this year. I swear I will.

I really like them :cheering:

Those are beautiful!

Great job! That is a nice gusset and I love the colourway of the yarn! Keep up the great work.

OoooOOhh :slight_smile:

Your socks look so professional! Great colors, too! :thumbsup:

Great job on the socks!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Very nice! Gorgeous colors.

OH so pretty !! I haven’t bought any Mini Mochi yet, but I do love the colors. It doesn’t stay on the shelf long at my LYS. She will get new colors in and that night at knit nite the ladies will be “fighting” over who gets how many of what color.

Those are very pretty, I love the color!

I just finished my first pair of socks and am officially addicted.

Have the same problem at my LYS. As soon as they get the Mini Mochi in, it’s gone. I ended up ordering from Jimmy Beans Wool to get what I wanted.

They are beautiful!

Inspirational! And very pretty too!!