FO Socks

I have been trying to post the actual picture but I can’t seem to get it to work (not too computer literate}. Anyway here is a link to some socks that I have made. Fixed pic, I hope.

Holy moly, that’s some stripey socks goodness! They look great!

WOW ! you have been busy my little knitting buddy! They look fantastic. :slight_smile:

You’ve been a busy knitter, haven’t you!

Fantastic. That is a lot of work there in that picture. Great job. Keep up the good work. Those sox look wonderful!

You have been busy!! Great job :yay:

Beautiful! What brand of yarn, and colors?

was one of those a marks and katten clown yarn?

Download your photos to

Easy to just copy and paste your img link into here, next, after clicking on the little mountain landscape button above.


really pretty sox! i’ve made 4pairs but nothing wisth such fancy yarn. linknit41

Photolady, From left to right they are: Patons Kroy, Super Sox, OnLine, Fabel and another Fabel. I have also used Sockotta, Opal and Austermann Step.

Yay for socks!! I love them.

Wow, that’s a lot of sock! They all look great.

Lots of socks there! They all look great!

Your socks are beautiful!!! :inlove:

that green orange and gray one is Patons Kroy?
Really pretty!!

They are superb. Looks like they could be sold in any big name department store. Way to go!:yay: :cheering:

Photolady, Yes that is Kroy. I made them too big and have tried to shrink them with washer and dryer but they do not get any smaller.

Wonderful, Sue. Rather inspirational.

Wow - those are lovely!! I’m not a sock knitter - but I have sock envy now!!

wow! you’ve been very busy! oooh the yarns look yummy!