FO socks

So here is my first attempt at a toe up sock with Lorna Laces and regular cuff down sock with my one skien of rainbow german yarn. The toe up socks didn’t come out that great. I had trouble with hte heel. I’ll stick with cuff down socks. I love making rainbow socks. I wonder if I can get more of the german rainbow yarn?

That’s a really good job on your first attempt at toe-up! Socks are my favorite thing to make, and I’m still impressed with every single pair of hand-knit socks I see. I looove the colors in yours; great job :smiley:

Great job on both. I have to say that I just love the Lorna’s yarn!

As far as toe up, it does take some getting used to, but I’ve found that I really like doing socks this way. I like that I can try it on as I go. It’s helped me get a better fit with my socks.

Anyhow, you did a really nice job!

Which toe construction did you try? I have tried a couple, but none of them seem “just right”. They are usually a little tight in the toe.

they both look good! :heart:
I have yet to attempt toe-up.

Beautful Socks!! I’ve used Lorna’s Lace once and love it.

Toe-up socks are my favorite–thanks to Silver.

I think they both look great!! I love making socks but cuff down is for the moment still my favorite way to go. Except for the fact that I can’t seem to get the Kitchener graft down. :wall: