FO: Socks

Generic toe up socks. More info on yarn etc. at my blog.

They are sooo beautiful! I absolutely love the colors, and they seem to fit perfectly! Great job :smiley:

Those are some great looking socks! Awesome colors!

OMG–that’s a lot of sock!! Great job, Cheryl, they are beautiful!

Wowza, those are GREAT socks!! :inlove: I love them! I think I’d need to figure out some calf increases though to accomodate the curvaceousness of my calves!! :lol:

I just love these socks! Those are amazing and they look like they fit exceptionally well! Good job!

Great socks! btw- i like your shoes!

Size 1 needles???


Those are GORGEOUS!!! The color(s) just rock!!!


Those look great, beautiful job! :cheering:

I love those!

Those are hardly generic. Lovely and unique.