FO: socks

I finished these a couple weeks ago but just got around to taking a picture. I’m not sure why, but getting a decent picture of my knitted items is always HARD. I end up taking about 20 pictures just to get one good one. My DH thinks I’m nuts. :??

Anyway, the yarn is Cherry Tree Hill supersock potluck bright colors. I love these, but the cables pattern gets a little lost. I think I’ll make them again some day with a different yarn. Oh…the pattern is from Heartstrings Fiber Arts and it’s called Circle of Friendship. Thanks for looking.

Love them! :heart:

Those are FABULOUS! I’m in love with the pattern!

those look great. I love those colors

Bootiful! :inlove:

I hear ya. I have the same problem. Lovely socks :heart: :cheering:

Those are great! I love the bright colors!

:notworthy: :muah: I :heart: the pattern and the bright colors. :cheering:

such fun colors! and i like the pattern

Those are so bright and pretty! Looks like you’ll never lose your feet in the dark! :teehee:

:woohoo: Those socks ROCK!!! I especially love the heel–so neat :thumbsup: Great job.

I keep thinking I’d like to knit a pair of socks, after seeing yours I KNOW I WANT TO!!!

Those are such fun looking socks!!!

those colors are soo bright and cheery!! they just put me in a good mood!

GORGEOUS :cheering:

I love that pattern!