FO: Socks

Here are some socks I finished a while ago…

Here is the 1st sock of the next pair…

:thumbsup: lovely colors!

Nicely done!

Way to get going on the next set too :wink:

Those are so pretty! Love the colors! :cheering:

Great socks! Love that yarn!

Very nice! Love the colors!

Very nice! I really love the 2nd one! :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: Nice looking socks :smiley:

Great job!

Great job! And I love the color choices :thumbsup:

Nice socks!!

Those are great! :cheering:

Those are fun! Are you like me, immediately cast on for the next sock when you finish one? I do other things too, but have to have a sock at all times. Right now I’m doing the Oblique Openwork pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks and it’s great. Easy but not boring.

Yeah I cast one pretty quickly when I am done with a pair cuz I have built up a stash of sock yarn! But i love knitting them… :XX: