FO : socks on circulars

:woot: :woohoo: My socks are done !! I did these socks on 2 circulars and I managed to make a few mistakes along the way that I had to back track and rework etc. You’ll notice I didn’t think to match the stripes…

Onto my next pair !

OOPS obviously I posted the wrong picture and editting will not let me go back and remove that picture to insert the correct one…

Those are pretty!!

Great job! I kinda like the mixmatch stripes, way more personal that way anyway. :wink:

Very cute!

I love those earthy tones.

Good on you for persisting.

They came out beautiful! What yarn did you use?

They look great! COngratulations!

I think matching the stripes is overrated. Your socks are beautiful and you did a great job! :thumbsup:

LOVE THEM!!! What kind of yarn is that?

Thank you for your compliments. I made this pair with Regia 6-ply and it is part of the Crazy Colors. I used 4’s, but if i used this yarn again I would use a size 3 needle to make it a bit tighter knit.

Pretty, pretty!! Don’t you just love socks?

Your socks are so pretty. I tried to match the stripes on my first pair of socks and it didn’t work for me. Maybe I’ll be able to some day. I don’t think it makes that much difference, they are still pretty.:cheering:

Great fitting socks, you did a great job. I really like the stripes and that they don’t match up. Being unmatched makes a statement for each sock. WTG :yay: - Trisha

they look great. i love the colours as well. ace job :thumbsup:

:yay: Great job!

GREAT job! I think that knitting socks on two circs is my favorite way!