FO: Socks of Doom!

Two pairs of Socks of Doom. I used this pattern for Sock Wars last September and just remembered it when I decided I needed to get rid of some acrylic stash yarn. I only plan to wear them around the house as slippers, they’re way too think to fit inside shoes. The pattern can be found here. The blue yarn is a Bernat camouflage acrylic, the reddish/brown yarn is an unknown acrylic.

and here are the pictures… :rollseyes:

i love those blue ones! they look like marble. i may have to knit up some of my stash with that pattern, just to get in lots of sock practice.

Great job! Love the blue ones, too!

the blue ones are lovley but the others are great too!

Socks of doom… :teehee: I read that and thought they must have been frogged…now I know that is the name. :teehee: They look awesome!


Well done :smiley:

You did a wonderful job on both pairs!

great looking socks! =D

That’s ok, Jan, I thought they might be Voldemort’s socks!!! :lol:

Very cute socks!