FO - socks for Mothers Day!

Here are the socks that I’ve been knitting for my mom for Mothers Day - I just finished tonight. I used sport weight yarn, so they were relatively fast to knit. The second sock came out a tiny bit larger than the first one, but you can’t tell too easily (I hope!).

What a nice color - and a perfect gift for Mother’s Day! You’re a smart one.

Nice :slight_smile: My mother loves slipper socks!

Mama Bear

Very nice, I love the color!

Love the color! What yarn did you use?

:smiley: Nice socks :thumbsup: I love, love, love the color!! I love pink, it’s one of my fave colors…lucky mom :wink:

They look wonderful Cindy!

Thank you all!

Oops, I didn’t realize that I didn’t post any yarn specifics - that’s what happens when I post before I go to sleep. I used Kona Superwash merino yarn, and handpainted it myself. There’s still a hank available at my shop if anyone is interested… One of my new problems is that out of all the yarn I dye to sell, I keep about 1/3 of it! :smiley: So expect more sock FO posts in the future from me! Anyhoo, this colorway is “Razz Pizzazz” - my coworker helped me name it.

Very pretty! I’m sure she’ll love them!

Those look great! What pattern did you use?

Thank you! I used Kristin’s wonderful sock tutorial, which I must say again, has very clear and simple instructions.

We’re on the same wave length. I made socks and gave to my mom too for Mother’s Day. I made my first pair last month and she was so impressed so I snuck and made her a pair. She had no idea - and they were in a beautiful patterning blue yarn (her favorite color) - She loved them. I’m sure you mom is going to love hers too!

Those look great, and I :heart: :inlove: :heart: that colour!

My mom did like them, and she was surprised too! She also requested some leg warmers~ :stuck_out_tongue:

:heart: :heart: :heart: the colors! I’m sure she loved them.