FO-Socks and much more

It’s been a while since I last posted here. Since I’m starting a knitting club at school this year, I’ve been really busy knitting things to get the kids excited. Anyway, My son has been begging me for a pair of socks for the longest time. He keeps seeing me knitting for everyone but him. So I decided to make his socks before I work on anything else. So here they are. If you would like to see the rest of my FO’s of the last two months go to I’m sorry to put a link but there are just too many to upload the photos here.

BTW, this is my 2nd pair of socks. I made them with recycle yarn from the first pair that I made for myself but they were too big.


:yay::yay::yay: Wow! I’m really impressed. Your work is beautiful. Where do you get the Kelly dolls? Also do you have a pattern for those dresses.:thumbsup:

He is going to love, love his socks!!
Oh My! The kids are going to be so inspired by all of the knits you have for their class, such fun! You have been a busy knitter!!!

I think your stuff is great and the kids should be excited! I am :woot: and i’m not even in your knitting club :rofl:. I really liked the tomato hat :heart: and your son will surely like his socks.

Thank you guys! You are very kind :hug:.

My son loves his socks!

The kelly dolls, I just buy them when they are on sale at target. Usually right after the holidays. The dresses, I don’t really have patterns for them. It takes me longer to write a pattern than to actually knit or crochet one. I just get inspired by girls dresses that I see on magazines or in the stores and I just start making them. Sometimes I start with an idea and as I’m making them, a bunch of ideas popped into my head and I end up making a total diffrent outfit.

I always wanted to write my own patterns but I find it tedious and time consuming. Is there any software that I can use to write the patterns?


That’s an amazing array of items. Your kids must be thrilled.

I am absolutely amazed by your kelly doll clothes. I used to sew clothes for mine out of odd bits of cloth. They are sitting in a box in my closet right now, untouched for atleast 3 years. You have inspired me to knit/crochet clothes for them!

p.s. I have the long redheaded doll with pink hair ties too!

edit: just found her. It seems I took off the ties and wrapped her in green thread to make a dress :teehee: Took awhile to snip through that!

Everything looks incredible!

Thanks! You got inspired…that’s awesome! Maybe next time I go to NY we can get together and design new clothes for Kelly. What part of NY are you? I lived in Queens for many years (Forest Hills, Rego Park and Long Island City).

I read in another thread that you are starting a knitting club at your High School this year. That’s way too cool!!!
I’m starting a knitting club at the elementary school where my son goes. Open house was last week and a lot of kids were interested. I’m really excited! It should be a lot of fun!


What a wonderful selection. All your work looks great

How clever are you???
I would love the pattern for the elephant he is so sweet!
I to make preemie hats for the local hospital. Well done x