FO Socks and First Cable Project

My last three days have been busy. I knit my son his socks, and I was going to knit my DH some socks for Valentine’s Day. But the look on his face when he saw me caused me to frog that project! :lol: :??

His whine was that he really wanted a HAT! His head circumfrence is 24 1/2 inches. So I went searching for a pattern that I wouldn’t have to modify. Stupidly I didn’t look at the difficulty rating! This was the hardest thing I have ever knit. Although the pattern was beautiful and it worked together like a dream. I wanted to knit it in the round, but wasn’t sure how to do that as they didn’t explain how the pattern worked. Now that I have done the project, next time I will knit it in the round.

Next time? Yup, I’ve got hat envy! :lol:

Wow! The hat and socks look great. (Three days did you say? :noway:) :teehee:

Now a hat in the round will be a piece of cake!

I LOVE the hat! It looks so comfy and warm :heart: Love the socks too!

Awesome work!! I’m very impressed.

I really want to make some socks, are they hard? And can you steer me in the direction of an easy pattern?

Beautiful hat~~ absolusutely gorgeous~!! The socks are cute too~!! :cheering:

Sock’s are not easy, but they aren’t hard either.

Silver has a good sock pattern. I use one that is similar that I picked off a yarn wrapper.

For first socks, if you want a funky look, get funky yarn but a plain pattern.

I am 4 1/2 inches into a sock for me… I choose “Paint Box” by Patons… I :heart: it!

very cute–I love cables!

Nice job! The hat looks amazing, and I love the socks. Bravo :sun:


They look great. Very attractive.

They look great! And aren’t you happy that you tried that more difficult pattern? Now your skills have gone up another notch.