FO Sock #1 of My "Mexican Coloured" Socks

2:30 a.m. I am finished sock #1 of my “mexican coloured” socks. They fit nicely. I don’t like the colours at all. There was some pooling of the red colour at the front of the sock from where I knit the heel flap, but I am told that when using verigated yarn this happens sometimes. The laddering is very apparent to me when I have the sock on. I am hoping washing will fix this problem. I have been assured that it will. It would probably not be apparent to anyone that did not know what to look for.

I don’t think I would buy Cascade Fixation again as the material seems a bit coarse to me. Perhaps they will soften up when the socks are washed. I hope they do. I would hate to think I wasted $8.00 a skein on sock yarn for socks that don’t feel soft and comfortable when you are wearing them. I bought four skeins because the sales clerk said two was not enough and then I only used one ball for this sock. I will be stuck with two extra skeins of yarn when my socks are finished. It is not likely that I will make a second pair of socks with this yarn.

Maybe I will CO for #2 later today.

Sorry the pictures are a little bit fuzzy, but I am tired and could not hold my foot still.

Well, TK, it is very nice. You’ll probably like it better when the other one is done and you can wash them.

Will your LYS take back the unused yarn? Mine does and I think all should, after all, she told you that you would need more than one skein. You could call to find out.

It is lovely:) There is no stopping you now. Your needles are on fire lol !!

i see why you all them mexican coloured socks … what a great set of colours for the yarn.
i havnt used that yarn myself so i dont know what the texture is like but i do know that sometimes blocking and a gentle hand wash soften things up, especially if the fibres have been roughed up through handling when knitting.

They look terrific!

I like those and they way you took the picture, makes it look like you actually have both socks! LOL! Great photography, too! :wink: :wink:

They look good to me.

Fabulous socks x

Looks great. Hopefully you will be able to return the unused yarn.

It looks great! I hope you like the yarn better after washing.

:hug: I’m sorry you don’t like your socks…I would try to get the money back for the other 2 balls of yarn…I’m not sure why she had you buy 4…hopefully after a washing you will like them better…:thumbsup:

The.Knitter - the socks look great :thumbsup:

Well, I can tell, cascade fixations doesn’t soften up in the wash, but when wearing, it’ll get a bit softer. The more you wear them, the better it gets. (but you have to be willing to go through that)

But I’m going to swap the 2 left-overballs with the.knitter. I can’t find fixations here in the Netherlands, so I’m always happy to swap that yarn.

That;s very thoughtful of you. Hope you enjoy knitting yours. I couldn’t really see the color’s good on my computer. I’m knitting some fixation socks also.

The.Knitter, I’m sorry you don’t like your sock’s :hug: I hope you do knit the other one :wink: I was wondering about the feel of the socks after we were finished with them. I have knit some socks that felt kinda graining on my feet. That’s a bummer and I have all that fixation yarn stashed :??

Or they could be Christmas socks. LOL You did a nice job. I used some Treking (or is it Trekking [sp?]) for socks and I thought it was stiff, but the recipent loved them.

They look lovely to me. I know what you mean about the pooling though. I hate that! I hope they wash up nice and cozy for you.

Wonderful work, Knitter!!! I love your sock! :thumbsup: Love the colors!!
I love warm earth colors!!!