FO: Soaker

My SO’s grandson is now ten months old and needed a new wool soaker for the summer. Click here for my post that reports my adventures in dying the wool. I’d never dyed before, and am happy to tell you that it’s like anything else. Just do it.

I finished knitting the punk rock knitters soaker in June…

…and gave it to my SO’s daughter when she visited with the baby. Yesterday, she sent me photos!

that’s way too cute! you did a really good job! :cheering:

Thank you! Having a cute model helps a whole lot, of course.

that heinie picture is almost as great as your avatar…

good job!

Thank you! sweet baby tushies are so much fun to knit for. :lol:

He looks like he approves of it! Great job!

Hey…that’s fantastic and sOOooo good on the booty bubba :slight_smile:

what a cute little cloth diapered baby!!! You should try the warmheartwoolies soaker pattern, i adore it!

Your soaker is just adorable, as is the little model. Do you remember how many rows you put on the cuffs, and did you start to pick up from the inside or outside?

Such lovely colors! I am so inspired. We don’t have blue koolaid around here, I have to get it out of state. I just made some rainbow koolaid dye with a knitpicks bare skein. Now I know what to make with it. A friend is due in October so I better get busy!!!

It looks perfect! The baby is cute!

Great job!!!

Thanks! :slight_smile: I’ve Googled all the soakers on the internet. :thud:The warmheartwoolies includes the velcro-like method of closure, which doesn’t appeal to me. Doesn’t it latch itself onto a teeshirt or whatever other garment the baby’s wearing? :think: Recently, someone posted a shorty version of the Doodlepants pattern, and I love the look of it - think it’ll be my next project for grandbaby number 1.

:cheering: I saw your dye job and it’s beautiful! Makes me feel good that I could inspire you. PM me if you’d like some fresh blue Koolaid. I’d be happy to send you a little care package. :slight_smile:

He looks just like his Granddude. :wink: You know, I don’t like the way it’s high in the front. I don’t know whether that’s standard to the pattern or if it’s merely my results. If only I didn’t agonize over my work. :doh:


These are really too cool. :cool: I didn’t know anyone used cloth diapers anymore, but think it is a great idea. (Oh, BTW the post about dying gave me a clue about the cloth diapers. Dr. Bronners Soap. That explains everything. :lol: All natural people, organic lovers. :muah: I have the most wonderful association in my memory with Dr. Bronners Soap. Years ago they used it exclusively in the restroom at the co-op food store we used to frequent. It was peppermint or something. The times have changed, the co-op has changed [not a co-op anymore], and the soap in the restroom has changed. I miss it. The smell was so distinctive. Dr. Bronners. Sigh! Soap with a whole lot of philosophy with it.) No smilie exists for this emotion, wistful rememberance. :slight_smile:

I followed up both the links you gave, and was especially interested in the one about your dying experience. I have heard of dying with kool aid, but never tried it or seen it done, or known of anyone who did. I can’t believe you get such beautiful, rich colors with kool aid. :shock: This is amazing to me. I drank the stuff a lot as a kid but have not had much experience with it since then. I think it may have changed some since then. :oops: I have a lot of questions I could ask, but I’m sure I could do a Google search and find a lot of my answers. But must ask one. Do the colors really hold up? Especially in…you know…being used in this way? :?? :lol: All that great dye can’t be good for human consumption. :lol:

Great project from start to finish! :cheering:

I just might take you up on that. I’m running low. Thanks:waving:

Dr. Bronner’s [I]is[/I] wonderful! I recently put a bottle of the peppermint in the shower and I love catching a whiff of it later in the day. The first time that happened, I looked around me to see who smelled so good and wondered why the scent was familiar. :rofl:

I’m not much help with your dye questions. :???: That’s been my only experience with it. My Googling efforts report that you can also dye with egg dye, but it requires vinegar, whereas the acid in Kool Aid doesn’t. Reading about acid in Kool Aid gave me the same response that you had. Ack! I grew up drinking that stuff. Remember homemade Kool Aid pops in the tailor-made Tupperware holders? I loved those.

Because I dyed wool that would be made into a garment that would be hand-laundered and worn by a baby for a few short months, I didn’t put any thought into how well the colors would hold. I do know that dye only clings to natural fibers. Beyond that, you’ll probably find beaucoup help in the “creating yarn” section of the forum. Good luck! If I can do it, you can do it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response Zip. :hug: I just thought whoever was using the soaker would know how the dye job held up. If the dye doesn’t come off on the diapers, or the dye doesn’t run down the kid’s legs :lol:, I guess it is working very well. :thumbsup: Any report?

:zombie: That’d be pretty scary, wouldn’t it?

She hasn’t reported any transfer of the dye to his skin, but I’ll ask her. Can’t believe that possibility didn’t occur to me. :doh: