FO: snowman

This was my first time using fiber filling as well as duplicate stitch. I knitted him up tonight and I love him, I am going to have to make him some friends.

So cute!

Ain’t he just adorable! Yes, he needs friends. I have a set of knitted snow people, 3 sizes as in mom, dad, young’un, and they’ve got styrofoam balls inside. I don’t know how it was done. I’ve had them for probably 20 yrs., they come out every winter. Yours will be just as treasured and loved. I just love the hat and scarf set too!

Aww! Good job! He’s adorable!

Very cute and nicely done! Definitely a family, and maybe the whole villlage?

He is very cute!:cheering:

A gingerbread village?

Lovely little fellow there! :thumbsup:

Lovely little fellow there! :thumbsup:

so cute!!!

Thanks! Mom put them in a sleigh

Hee hee! That one with the red scarf looks like he’s not too sure of the driver. Oh well! Hang on, Snowboy! You’re in for a ride!

Aww! That’s so cute!!!

How cute. They are very photogenic.