FO: Snowflake Illusion Scarf

This was my first time doing illusion knitting, and it was a lot of fun. The pattern is called Snowflake Illusion Scarf by Emily Byrd.

I made this scarf for my swap partner over on Ravelry for a Winter Swap:

Now you see stripes…

and now you see snowflakes!

That scarf is beautiful.I love the illusion of the snowflakes within the stripes.

That is a great scarf. Really lovely.

Whata neat looking scraf.:heart:

WOW! That is too cool!


That is very cool!!! I :heart: it!

Wow - really nice!!

So pretty!!!

I love those illusions! That’s so pretty and nice choice of colors!

Very cool! :slight_smile:

Love it !!

How cute is that?! Lucky swap partner!!!


That’s COOL! Love it!!!

That is so cool!!! I love it! :cheering:

Holy crap that’s awesome!!!

It’s a big fun!!! I would like to try this method of knitting.:hug:

Amazing how that works! Your scarf is very cool. Your exchange partner will love it. I’ll have to do illusion knitting sometime. So many new things to learn with knitting. Whew.

:happydance: Great job!