FO: Snowflake hat

Well, I was so depressed that the moose hat didn’t fit I decided to give colorwork another go - this time armed with some actual knowledge ;o)

So here it is! I altered the original pattern a bit to make it less dense/hot and used a different chart for the Norwegian star (cough snowflake cough).

Turned out great! :yay:

Looks good!

Great work, Evan! This is a work of art!

Really, really nice Evan!

Great job Evan!!! Love the finished product!

Ooh, me likey! Very nice hat!

Evan! You are a prodigy!! Love that hat. :heart:

That looks really great!

OOOooo! I really like that hat!

I really like that hat. The colorwork is very good. Ya did good!

Love your snowflakes! :yay:

Nice hat! You did a great job.