FO: SnB Princess Snowball Pet Bed

Hi all–

I’ve been on vacation and I’m Baaack! And on vacatiion I completed the SnB Princess snowball petbed. My sister and her kids rescued a near death young kitten on their farm and nursed it back to health. I decided she needed a knitted pet bed from her pet aunt. I used what I thought would be “calico cat” colors instead of the white and pink that appear in the SnB book.

Details: caron wintuck yarn in black and black fun fur (lion brand) and caron wintuck yellow and tangerine lion brand fun fur.

That is so cute! I keep promising to make a Kitty bed for my furry babies.

Very pretty! The kitty is so adorable. :thumbsup:

:happydance: :happydance:

Happy Kitty! It looks great!

So cute! Love the kitty :thumbsup:

The kitty bed is great! She seems to like it as well. :smiley: Btw, I love her fur! :XX:

I have been contemplating making the same one!! It looks great!! And what a cute kitty!!

Great bed and adorable kitty! I made three of these for my kitties as well. They all love them!

Awwwww !!! Look at the Meow Meow !!! Love Love Love the bed !!!

Cute! I’m making one of those too. I hope my kitties like it!

The bed looks great and your cat is beautiful!

Be-e-e-e-a-utiful!!! I’ve been toying with the idea of making one of those since my friend gave me the S-n-B book. Maybe when we get paid I’ll order some yarn for it. :thinking:

Great job!

Beautiful bed! Kitty looks very pleased in it, too! :thumbsup:

Cute bed for cute kitty! Love it! :thumbsup: