FO: smaller Gracian Plait

So i finished making the Gracian Plait shirt . I made it on a smaller scale so that it would fit my 3yr old DD and without the sleeves since spring and summer are comming up. I just winged it on the size and i totally lucked out because it fits her very nicely :happydance: I did it in Lion Brand One Pound in Pale Green and the edgeing is done in some left over koolaid dyed yarn i had and the cherries are in some left over red yarn i had from an unraveled sweater.

Those are adorable! Great job on them!

So cute!!!

That is adorable! It looks like the perfect dress for warm weather too!

You made great use out of leftover yarn too!


Beautiful! Great job!


Adorable! :cheering:



HOW precious~! I love 'em… they are sooo cute~! I don’t know if you are a stashie but you oughta be getting some points for those beauties~!
they just look like lovely spring dresses for special little girl~! :cheering:

NOW: Can you knit them a wee little purse?? Hmm :eyebrow:

those are so cute! love the cherries!