FO: Small Dog Blanket Travel Tote

I’m working on things I can knit for animals, for our daughter’s charity auction. Here’s what I came up with:

It’s a tri-fold blanket stuffed with doggie goodies.
I used that wonderful K2, P1 stitch I learned here and the slip-the-first-stitch I also learned here. Maybe I’ll just bring my pillow and move in to this forum. :happydance:

Here are the directions and more photos:

Great idea and I like the yarn!

Thanks. It’s just one strand variegated and one strand solid pink. I"ve been doing that a lot lately, to tone down the harshness of straight variegated yarns.

Looks great - neat idea!!

Thanks. Knitting for dogs is a real challenge. Kitties are so much easier. They love anything made of yarn. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be “made.” They just love yarn. :rofl:

Awesome idea! I work with rescues, so thank you for helping out a charity!

Thanks. Sometimes I feel like the charity. We have 12 rescue cats and a senior rescue dog right now. :grphug:

If your senior needs diapers, PM or contact me on Ravelry. Pattern is for a puppymill rescue I support but I give free to those who adopt or foster. Click the Ravelry Designer button on my sig to find them.

Ahhh that is so darn cute, and nice, and useful!!!

So cool!! & Beautiful!!

Thanks for the offer, Lucy. So far, our senior dog (Holly --Aussie) is perfect in every way. She’s sweet, quiet, nice, and doesn’t need diapers yet. (She’s about 11, according to the vet.) If something happens to her, we will definitely adopt another senior.
We’re cat people and really feel bad for Holly cuz we don’t speak Dog. Sometimes she looks at us with such a sad face, as if she’s feeling sorry for our ignorance, and thinking we’d be okay if we just got rid of all those %$#@& cats!
Thanks for all the nice comments, Everyone. I think I’ll start on pads for cat carriers next (dish towels in disguise - :cool: ).

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I must say I agree with her :teehee: We’re not cat people, though we’ve rescued them when necessary. It’s hard to let our foster dogs go, so I told hubby why don’t we foster cats :teehee: JK because I’m really allergic to them now. My 5 dogs would have a heyday with a cat in the house. I’m sure I would have no china left!