FO: Slouchy beret

My daughter has been eyeing my beret so I decided to make one for her so she would leave mine a lone. I used Gwen Slouchy Beret which is FREE and easy. This was my second one. I used Rowan RYC Cashsoft and I used about 1 skein I think or maybe a little over. I made it in October excuse the mental fart.

Very nice beret ! I love the colour too:)

That’s very nice. After “eyeing” yours for awhile, does she wear hers a lot?

That’s really pretty!

that’s really cute

I love this beret! Thanks so much for taking time to post the link! I saved it, and moved it into a WORD doc for printing later today!

Great work on your Slouchy Beret! :thumbsup:

Very Pretty!


I love this – can’t wait to make one for myself! Thanks for posting the link.

Beautiful! I might have to try that one!

Quite pretty. I love the color!

LOVE IT!!! You have inspired me to make one!!

:yay: Great job!

that’s gorgeous!!

Oooooh pretty!!

YES she wears it a WHOLE lot!! I really need to make more colors, but it matches two of the scarves I made for her.

You should definitely make it, it is really easy.

You should! It was really easy. It was my first hat in the round.