FO Slippers in Clown Barf

The things we do for those we love. :eyes:

RHSS Blacklight yarn
Cuff: Crochet crocodile stitch
Foot: Garter stitch

Based on patterns for slippers from DROPS. Yes, I did two of them. I thought a picture of one was plenty.

My recommendation: DO NOT do crocodile stitch in clown barf yarn. I only did it because it was specifically requested and the recipient claims to like it. :zombie:

wow. just… wow. the foot looks like if you turned my mom’s socks inside out. i kind of liked how crazy different the colors were as it made it easier then to see my stitches (having started, what… 8-9 months and many projects ago?). but you have seriously persevered - good for you! :wink:

“just… wow” is a very diplomatic comment, thank you. :mrgreen:

The atrociousness of them aside…I worked on making the fit more acceptable which includes short rows to make the back of the foot taller and short rows to add more room at the ball of the foot. Next time, sole first and no Kitchener stitch. I did k2tog and k2tog tbl on ends of the graft to help make the noses the seam produced less pronounced.

but seriously, i really do think you did a nice job. that cannot have been easy to work with for that stitch pattern… i’m actually wondering how ‘blacklight’ would look for those spiral fingerless gloves… i’m getting a whole “jefferson airplane meets granny squares” mental image, and i kind of like it… :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: Psychedelic lives!!! I think the spiral sounds like a great idea.

I could call the slippers Timothy Leery. If I had prewashed the yarn, and I’ve read how to do it in the skein but don’t have the nerve to try, it would have been better to work with. It was just so rough and doing the crochet was hard. The rest was where to decrease to give what shape and things like that. I learned a lot.

This yarn is loud enough to not want to keep it in my bedroom at night. :eyebrow2:

to paraphrase him… "If you don’t like what you’re doing, you can always pick up your needle(s) and move to another groove.

but really i was thinking “…one [slipper] makes you larger, and one [slipper] makes you small…” :wink:

…and the ones your mother gives you don’t do anything at all…

Bright colours you have there GG. Well done-my feet would be happy wearing them, they would go well with my ‘fluro/night-light’ legs (no bronzed auzzie here).

Looking good, GG! Those are going to be happy feet.

When I decide to wear shorts in the summer anyone near me has to wear really dark sunglasses.

I would never choose that yarn for the croc stitch. Her feet seem to like them, she likes the result, the customer is always right. Next time I think I’ll make her buy her own yarn. :wink:

I like them !! Some might say they are not surprised and I have zero fashion sense - my favorite pair of shoes are green/yellow striped suede…

GG I really like them !! Like the term clown barf too : )

I am intrigued by the crocodile stitch and think I know what my next project will be

Oh my… those are really bright! She’ll never lose her feet in the dark! :roflhard:

I HATE RHSS…it hurts my hands to knit with it.

Thank you! They really were kind of fun to do.

Knitting the stuff was easier than crocheting it. After they were washed they were surprisingly soft!

Just to be sure you’re aware, this croc stitch is crochet; the knit croc stitch is very different looking. I worked it in the round, couldn’t see any reason to work flat and then seam. I got off somehow a few times and my rounds didn’t all begin at the same spot but it doesn’t show. This is worked on dc and I want to try tc and make larger scales.

Fashion sense is an individual thing. You and my daughter and granddaughter all like them. I guess my prob is that after all the crocheting it’s really hard to see the pattern.

If you’re going to do slippers you might want to know how I did them. The cuff is attached by sc to a stockinette top on the slipper. I did a bit of rib an inch or so from the top to snug them up just a little. Apparently it’s acceptable done that way.

I don’t remember where I first encountered the descriptor clown barf. I just thought it fit.

HMMM - crocheting could be a deal breaker…I seriously cannot do a single chain there is no way I can do “a stitch.” I will have to give the knit version a try

Knit version crocodile stitch
Very different from the crochet one.

I am in awe.

They make my eyes bubble, but what FUN!

They’d have to be happy because there’s no way feet dressed that brightly could stay still. She did a good job of them and the wearer will have fun times ahead wearing them.