FO Skull Illusion Scarf

This is my first illusion scarf, I used the following skull pattern:

Although I have already knitted two scarves, they were very simplistic and I can officially count this as my very first official knitted item.

This was for my sister out west, who loves all things skull and bones :slight_smile:

Pretty much followed the pattern. Did two skulls, space for the neck, then two skulls upside down so that they would all be proper orientation.

Lesson learned for this project: if you care about the project you’re making, spend whatever you can on quality yarn. Its worth it for the time put in. I am new to knitting, I just bought whatever I found. Its nice, but could have been a lot better.

Still very happy with it. Hope the gift is well receievd.

I love your scarf! An illusion scarf is on my to do list for 2007… :cheering: :cheering:

I have to try this pattern it looks ace! did you follow the chart or the written instructions? I have never used a chart before but i think in this case it might be simpler to use than the writtn script.

Thats so AWESOME :yay: Great job

My niece went crazy for your scarf! Is there any way you can pass on the pattern for me so that I may knit it for her. She would greatly appreciate it!!!

WAY COOL!! You did an awesome job! :notworthy: Quality yarn is always best to invest in. I like to use cheaper yarn for practice. :wink:

That’s great! My DD2 saw it and wants one now!

:cheering: you did a really great job!!! congrats!!! :heart: :cheering:

That is awesome! My 23yod would flip out over that. :mrgreen:

I am working on this pattern and it is at

I looooove it and my sister-in-law will flip for it.

Great Job! :cheering:

Nice! Im gonna have to do that for my brother… he loves pirates, and therefor skulls… was going to make him a sweater but I just cant commit to that when im not sure he will wear it…a scarf is perfect!

WOW, that’s really cool! I’ve never heard of illusion knitting before, but that is amazing!

Thanks everyone for the great comments, provides lots of encouragement to do my next project :slight_smile:

tarrentella-> I actually mostly used the written instructions. I had a row counter, so it was very easy to go that row and just follow what it said. When doing the chart backwards, I simply renumbered the rows. Row 1 became Row 92, Row 92 became Row 1. I did use the chart sometimes to make sure I was in the right spot on the skull though.

mtrinity2025-> I posted a link to the pattern in the original post and hydeemarie posted it just a bit above. Good luck with it, I had a good time doing this. I am eager to one day try making my own hidden illusion pattern. Does not look difficult at all.

Thanks again for the comments everyone!

Very cool! It’s awesome.

Ohh so up my alley. Great job on it looks great.


I love the skull scarf-my daughter loves anything to do with that theme-tjhanks for the link to the pattern,its next on my list! was it easy to do as i am a bit of a novice?

Louise :cheering:

VERY easy to do, and I am living proof. This scarf was the third object I’ve knitted, so my experience was very small.

Just follow the instructions, its all knitting and purling. After a couple of rows, you should start to know if you’re doing it right. The wrong side of the scarf always shows the skull image clearly, if you want to quickly check your image.

I just had some trouble figuring out how to do the pattern upside down, if thats what you want to do when you reach the middle of the scarf.

Just follow the written instructions exactly, but starting from the last row. Its just a question of knowing where and what row to start backwards, since, if you’re like me, I was knitting some empty lines for the neck section.

If you have any difficulty, do not hesitate to ask :slight_smile: