FO Skirted Helmet Hat

Just Finished this hat my husband requested yesterday.
I have not uplaoded a pic here before so I hope I did it right.

The hat looks great and he seems very happy with it :slight_smile:

It looks great!

I like the colors and it looks great.

:thumbsup: Great job!

Yep, you did it right. Nice little hat. Did the yarn do all the variations we see there or did you have to putl each in yourself? The little “skirt” gave good ear coverage.

That is a cool lookin’ man…I mean, hat! :teehee:
It is just the kind of hat my DH would put on and never take off!

I doubled the yarn, used solid green and solid beige, then in the middle did stripes of just one color with a strip of both combined in between. Does that make sense. Thanks for all your nice comments:hug:

Cute hat! It looks great on him:thumbsup:

Your DH looks handsome and warm in his new hat-great job!

Nice work!

Cool looking hat :thumbsup: